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Midsummer Night in Biskupin

open for all

"Kupala Night" or “Kupalnocka” is a great opportunity to learn about the old customs related to the Slavic pagan holiday of the Midsummer Night. You will learn why the Slavs jumped over the fire. Why during this night they were looking for the fern flower in a deep forest. What sense was in the lake or river bathing and launching on water the flower wreaths, and what kind of good omens the Slavs could see in flowers and herbs. In the Midsummer Night in Biskupin you can learn much more. In the evening you can sit or dance by the fire and adorn beautiful music played by The Old Music Band Huskarl.
It's not everything! On this day we also celebrate "IV Weekend on the Piast Trail” the oldest tourist and historical trail in Poland. In 2019 this event is addressed to the youngest tourists, so we will be ready with different games, some of them created especially for the “little Slavs". We will start at 18:00. Remember, you can spend the whole day in Biskupin. From 10:00 to 18:00 we are working with hunter-gatherers and farmers at the event "Time travel. Hunters, gatherers, farmers".

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WGS84 – 52° 47′ 4″ N, 17° 44′ 36″ E (52.784444, 17.743333)
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Biskupinie
Biskupin 17
88-410 Gąsawa