Calendar of Events

Stone Age Gathering Albersdorf

Kind of Event

We come together to exchange skills and knowledge, getting to know each other, making future plans and friends, enjoying fire, sauna and our pool. Lets sing, make music and have a great great time.

To exchange skills and knowledge:
There will be some workshops, demonstrations and lectures run by certain participants. As soon as I have these confirmed, I‘ll send them to you.

Costs of participation:
Participation at the European Stone Age gathering is completely free. Any personal costs like transport, food, equipment etc are on your own account. If you want to buy your own food, there are two supermarkets about 500m from the museum away.

Like always, there are two Mesolithic huts available for anybody wanting to join the real Stone Age sleeping and snoring experience. It might be a bit crowded, but good fun, as I heard! There is also room available in our Neolithic houses.

You may bring your own Stone Age accommodation with you (tent, yurt, hut...). We have plenty space for you. If you prefer to bring your own modern tent, there is a separate area dedicated for this, a bit out of sight of the public. You may use a modern sleeping bag or whatever you like, if you don‘t have fur.

Due to building activities in our reception area, we have hired containers with normal flushing toilets and hand wash basins. As they are limited, we ask you to be patient. We have one cold water forest- shower in the Mesolithic area. But you may just bath in our Mesolithic pool or in the crystal clear spring a bit further in the forest. There might be rain, so
be happy to take a free shower. We shall have a Stone Age sauna night now and then too. For those in need, there is a public pool with showers in Albersdorf.

Dress code:
During museum opening hours from 11h00 to 17h00, Stone Age dress is required. No modern stuff at all! But before or after opening hours, you may dress as you like. But it is a Stone Age gathering, so let's try to be as Stone Age as possible, it‘s just more fun for everyone. Blind or nearly blind Stone Age people are a danger to us and them self and may wear glasses of course!

Kids are more than welcome. Just make sure they are well behaved and happy to be there. If not, please leave them at home. Dress code applies to them too.

Albersdorf is on the western part of North Germany. So you may expect anything from strong wind, cold, wet, clumsy weather up to burning hot, dry sunny days. So prepare your dress for all this.

Equipment and material:
Please bring your own cuttlery, cup, plate, knife etc in Stone Age material. We have a gas stove and a very primitive kitchen next to our Mesolithic settlement, which you may use. You may make fire and cook any place, in agreement with me.

Arriving time:
You are welcome to arrive a few days earlier. Most people arrive on Sunday the 17. July, get their accommodation and gear ready and join us around camp fire. The week before the gathering, we have the „week of ancient crafts and art“, which might be interesting for you too. So some of you or your friends will already be there.

Closing date for applications:
Please let us know by 15. June 2022 if you want to join. And feel free to distribute this invitation to other nice Stone Age people anywhere in the world, let the tribe grow!

Horrido and warm hug

Werner Pfeifer

in the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen