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Swordmanship Seminar

Kind of Event

Leader: Drey Wunder eV
Participation : from 18 years.
Course size : 5-12
Cost : € 55.00

Based in Bielefeld and Hameln, its goal since 2011 has been to reconstruct and train European martial arts based on old manuscripts and relevant sources. The principles and techniques developed and communicated at Drey Wunder eV are based on historically verifiable sources. In this very special seminar, you will learn how to use the long sword, as well as wrestling and dagger fighting based on late medieval models. You will get a thorough introduction to terminology and basic exercises and will work with the club's two main trainers. 
A number of themes and fencing principles will be explained and practiced. 

Please think of food and appropriate clothing.

Photo @ Drey Wonder