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Time travel. The fortified settlement of Late Bronze and Early Iron Age


This is the second part of our new series the "Time travel". This event is dedicated to the inhabitants of the settlement from the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. During this journey you will learn how 2.700 years ago the settlement was built on the peninsula of the Biskupin Lake. The settlement was discovered in 1933 and immediately became one of the most important archaeological sensations of the 20th century because of the dense development and pre-urban plan and the wooden remains preserved in extremely good condition. At our event you will see what materials and tools were used for its construction and what kind of building techniques. You will check how the houses looked like, how the inhabitants lived and what they did for a living. Casting of bronze, the first artificial alloy of metal, was very important. It had significant impact on the economic and social development in Europe and the lands of today's Poland. Bronze casting is a difficult task, but the inhabitants of our settlement were able to make beautiful pins, knives and arrowheads.