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Viking Festival

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Market / Fair
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the Netherlands

The Vikings had a horrible reputation in the early Middle Ages. After they had plundered the monastery at Lindisfarne in England (793 AD) the infamous Drake Ships were suddenly everywhere. Also in the area that would later become the Netherlands they were spotted. At Wijk bij Duurstede was a wealthy port established which was called Dorestad. Time after time these were looted, eventually there was nothing left of the city.

Fortunately, the Vikings make camp in Archeon with peaceful intentions. There are plenty of stalls selling everything from jewelry to clothing, soap to honey, wine, weaponry to toys. The Vikings are still not happy, they tell you about daily life in the early Middle Ages. Everyday they give a demonstration of the different weapons and armor that were used and worn by the Vikings.

The Vikings have left a huge impression behind. Many places, especially in England, come from the Scandinavian language. Jewellery and utensils that were used by the Vikings to be found anywhere in Europe. Also, people wrote about the Vikings. The British found them just weird - for a big fight they had spent hours washing themselves, combing their hair and beards braids. Namely the Vikings believed that if they died in battle they were allowed to Walhalla. A place of eternal feasting and fights. And then you'd better look a little neat!

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