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Antichi Popoli (IT)

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Antichi Popoli

Our association, based in Florence, Italy was established in 2002, and has been in the field of historical re-enactment since 1999, with the re-enactment of the Celtic period (III-I century BC), since 2003 it re-enacts the medieval period (A.D. 1289-1325), and from 2014 the archaic Etruscan period (VI-IV century BC).


We offer fighters and civilians, duels, didactics and staged animations, full camp and working camp kitchen. Our didactics include: lighting fire with flintlock, weaponry, acorns-missiles, food preparation, herbalist, writing and inks, cosmetics and perfumes, hygiene with handmade soap and laundry, blacksmith, woolworking, dyeing of fabrics, ancient games and others in Etruscan area only: religion, haruspicina, banquet pottery, athletic competitions. Over the years we took part in movies, documentaries, museums guided tours, didactics in private schools and even videogames. 

HISTORICAL ACCURACY & Acknowledgments:
We have a small Committee for Historical Correctness. Since 2014 we have been acknowledged by the province of Florence, where we are based. Since 2015 we have been acknowledged by the Tuscany Region as Association of reconstruction and historical re-enactment based on the Regional Law 14 February 2012, n. 5. Since 2017 we are members of the CERS (European Consortium of Historical Reenactments). Since 2018 we are members of the FEISCT (European Federation of Historical Cultural and Tourist Routes). Since 2022 we are members of the AIPH (Public History Italian Association).

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