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Legio Secunda Augusta Nederland (NL)

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Legio Secunda Augusta Nederland is a dutch living history group that aims to portray the Roman and native life in the Netherlands in the first and second century AD.


We try to show a cross section of life in a roman encampment and neighboring vicus. In addition to the recognizable Roman legionaries, the military department also consists of auxilia, or the auxiliary troops that can come from our region, but also from the many other corners of the Roman Empire. A centurion, optio make sure the drill is flawless. The medicus will show of his fine Pompeian tools, tell his favorite medical stories and might even perform a surgery or two.

Our vicus shows the life of ordinary people. Young, old, rich, poor, civilised, barbarian, slave or matrona everyone is out to get some food at the Caupona, watch a parade, join a religious ceremony or find nice products at the market. Jewelry, coins, knives, textile, shoes, mosaic, anything you would like?

This diversity makes a Legio Secunda Augusta performance a colorful and educational spectacle for young and old, with something interesting for everyone to listen to, ask about or just look at. In consultation, a choice can also be made from this diversity, depending on the occasion. For more information, please contact us.

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