Simon Lidwell

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United Kingdom

My historical interpretation activities give people space and time to step outside their everyday lives and experience serious learning in a fun and informal atmosphere. I work professionally with Museums, Schools and with volunteer re-enactment groups. I am based in the Wordsmithcrafts Workshop in Dumfries, Southern Scotland, but participate in events throughout the UK and Scandanavia, particularly Viking Markets.

I primarily work with leather, metals, and storytelling. I work with traditional crafttechniques and tools to produce historical replicas and modern works of artinspired by the past. I also have used this experience to develop a range of live demonstrations and activities to both educate and _involve_ people of all ages in learning about their European heritage.

I have used my experience of art and craft work, producing replicas and modern works of art inspired by the past, to develop a range of live demonstrations and activities where dramatic skills, costumes and storytelling draw the public in through their imagination. For example I can set up a traveling mediaeval Scottish smithy for primary school children to visit or run historical craft workshop days where people can go away with something they have made themselves.

I specialize in 8th -12th century Scotland, but can also provide activities suitable for other periods up to the renaissance. If you are looking for a craftsman to make something for a display, I may be able to help – but if you want someone to inspire visitors who visit your display and help them bring history to life for themselves then that is where I can really help.