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Gerald A Livings

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My name is Gerald A. Livings and I am a Jewelry Educator.

As a Jewelry Educator, I strive to blend historical and modern methods of jewelry design and metalwork via lectures, teaching, and hands-on learning in a variety of traditional and contemporary materials and processes. I teach the formal principles and elements of design as well as conceptual elements. The history of jewelry is also discussed and shared to better understand the creative process at an intuitive level. Teaching the formal principles & elements of design alongside conceptual elements concurrently enables a student to prepare for independently and objectively evaluating designs and processes in jewelry as well as develop their own individual narrative in their jewelry designs as well as determine how jewelry fits into and affects the material culture of our society.

I also study 'Historical Jewelry Manufacturing Processes' about all parts of the jewelry trade and am currently doing original research into aiglets. Having a better understanding of materials, the processes of manufacturing, and the techniques and tools used to manufacture aiglets, will help future researchers better determine the provenance of aiglets which will in turn lead to better accuracy in determining provenance for items that are found in association with them.

I am also a fan of puns. So any correspondence with me may have a few included.