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Jennifer Beamer PhD

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United Kingdom

I am in my final year of my PhD project (2017-2020) which is looking at textile production in Iron Age Britain. I am concerned with querying the functional attributes of textile tools as an assemblage and characterizing the circumstances of their discard. I have been a textile advocate my entire life and have dabbled in many textile-related crafts along the way. I transitioned into experimental archaeology for my first master's degree (in museum studies, 2010) dissertation and have continued operating as an experimenter in my free time.

I've been a spinner and dyer for ten years and have specialized in creating crafting supplies for modern spinners, knitters, weavers, and felters. I am a proponent in hands-on learning and have created a compendium of free tutorials on YouTube to teach hand and wheel spinning. I have also begun developing a series that contextualizes the conceptual framework of experimental archaeology for an average crafting audience