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Ishtar Watson

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Ishtar Watson (she/they) – She is an archaeology student, a participant in the ASV archaeology certification program, and Professionally, she is a computer scientist. Her twin archaeological focuses are clothing and adornment from the late Mesolithic/Epipaleolithic to the early Neolithic and archaeogaming, specifically the use of videogames and other media as vehicles for public outreach and education. She has worked on multiple projects for both of these interests. Ishtar is in graduate school for computer science and hopes to pursue an archaeological graduate degree next.

In her spare time, Ishtar writes prehistoric novels set roughly at the start of the Atlantic period, which she uses to expose the public to period-accurate depictions of prehistory while telling a fun story. She is also an active astrophotographer, spinner, weaver (using Neolithic tools and techniques), an active member of her regional LGBTQIA+ community, and a gamma/x-ray spectrometrist. She also has a budding interest in radiocarbon dating using Bayesian chronological analysis.