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Markus Klek

Member of EXARC since

Paläotechnik offers ancient technology expertise since 1996. The main focus is on indigenous and prehistoric skin processing technology, including related fields like bone, antler and ivory technology. I offer demonstrations and presentations at museums, living history events and other institutions. Replica works and educational tutorials are also part of the program. Experimental archaeology projects include prehistoric sewing technology of leather; bone tool use in hide processing; coloid clays and minerals used in prehistoric tanning scenarios; potential use of hazelnut oil in mesolithic skin processing; dying of leather. Author of three books on fur and leather related topics. Published articles in EXAR Bilanzen, Traditionell Bogenschiessen, Bulletin of Primitive Technology. Employed at Trautwein Tannery for 2 years. Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) by the European Association of Heritage Interpretation. Member of EXAR and Ancient Leather Gro up (ALG England). Fluid in German and English, also some French and Portugese. Currently I am working on replicating the Iceman quiver relating to issues regarding the use of roe deer skin, as verified by DNA analysis in 2016.