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Tammy Hodgskiss PhD

Member of EXARC since
South Africa

Tammy Hodgskiss is the Curator at the Origins Centre museum, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Tammy is an archaeologist and received her PhD in 2013 from Wits University. Her research focus is on ochre use in the Middle Stone Age of South Africa, for which she employs primarily use-trace analytical methods supported by experimental analogies. Her experimental projects include hafting adhesives, use-trace formation and heat treatment of raw materials. At Origins Centre, she runs the public and outreach programs, temporary and permanent exhibitions, and assists with educational content and tours. She runs interactive ochre workshops involving ochre pigment and paint creation, and archaeology-inspired painting. She believes that the involvement of archaeological researchers in outreach projects and museum activities is important in the creation of pictures of the past that are relevant and accurate.