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Cyprus Perfumery Park (CY)

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Κυπριακό Θεματικό Πάρκο Αρωματοποιίας - The Cyprus Perfumery Theme Park is a very large scale project that aims to create a space, in which, aside from showcasing the various ancient methods of producing perfume the visitor will be able to experience them first-hand as well. The idea for the park came with the discovery of the most ancient perfume in Pyrgos by the Italian archaeologist Maria Rosaria Belgiorno and the park is based, in big part, on this.

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It is divided into four main sub-projects, the first one being a faithful reconstruction of the ancient site of Pyrgos as it was found by the archaeologists. The second is another reconstruction, this time of the ancient perfumery lab as it is believed to have looked and operated by the archaeologists. The third offers the visitor a glimpse into the past as well as the present by showcasing the various ways in which perfume has been produced throughout the ages. The fourth and final one is where we will show the visitors how the different herbs and other raw materials used for the perfumes are produced. The historical period covered is one of 6000 years and spans the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic ages. The Theme Park aims to educate visitors about the rich history of perfume production as well as the methods used for it, and through that help them acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the ingenuity of the ancients. It especially aims to educate the younger generation of Cypriots and provide them with a fun and engaging way of coming into contact with their roots and history. The organization responsible for running it is a non-profit organization whose profits will go to the various local communities to be used for further development or to those who are less fortunate and in need of help.

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