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The Island Öland, east of Kalmar is about 125 kilometres long and was rich in the Iron Age, due to its strategic location. Near Löttorp, a small village in the north, an Iron Age site was discovered, being inhabited between 500 and 1050 AD.

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The walls of the houses and stables were made of stones, the rest of the construction was made of timber. Excavations were conducted by the University of Uppsala together with Skäftekärr Ekonomisk Förening. The Iron Age landscape is very well preserved.

Soon the decision was taken to reconstruct one of the larger longhouses, mainly for pedagogic purposes. During the Summer season, it is also open to tourist public when craft demonstrations and living history take place in this park like surrounding. There is also a small exhibition and a shop / cafe on site. Next to the impressive longhouse lies the predecessor, a reconstructed house which was destroyed by fire several years ago and now waits to be experimentally excavated.

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