Arche Warder (DE)

In the middle of Schleswig-Holstein the Arche Warder is the largest animal park in Europe for rare and endangered domestic animals. It is located in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein between the lakes of Wardersee and Brahmsee.

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The park aim is to build an Ark for rare and endangered animals shifting the attention from wild animals to domestic ones which were once common but are now disappearing. To achieve this aim the park provides with research, conservation and breeding along with networking and education activities to divulge this somehow forgotten aspect of our past. With the work done in the park, it can be possible to evaluate the re-introduction of ancient breeds in contemporary farming.

Close contact and feeding the animals are encouraged during the visit, and, along with many interesting activities for families and kids, there is the chance to experiment life in the Stone age through special arranged events in a re-constructed village which include bread making, ancient crafts and hunting inspired activities. On special occasions, medieval re-enactment events are also carried out.

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