Genesmons Arkeologiska Friluftsmuseum (SE)

At Genesmon, the University of Umeå conducted archaeological research from 1977 to 1988. Here burial mounds and a settlement of the Early Iron Age were uncovered. Traces of iron processing were recognised as well as bronze casting refuse - some containing remains from gilding - and a textile workshop.

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In 1982, the "Pionjärbyn" (pioneer village) was founded by the municipality. Pionjärbyn dealt with many different cultures from various times. In 1991 the foundation Gene fornby started to reconstruct some of the buildings excavated at Genesmon. In 2013 the foundation sold it all to the municipality of Örnsköldsvik. It is now organized under the Örnsköldsviks museum & konsthall which organizes the development of the center, its maintenance and research. Commercial activities are in other hands.

Both the houses and the ships are long term monitoring experiments. There are also forestry experiments, with ringing pine trees.

The purpose of Gene is identity making, mainly concerning the children in the municipality. The research is also very important and the challenge is to make the results understandable for everyone. Living history is Genesmon’s means for both education and tourism, and it is necessary to have the skills to do research. The Center is very important for the regional development. Research and education is the most important, using Living history and experiments. During the Summer season, Genesmon houses people in period dress.

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