Hornbore By (SE)

Hornbore by (Hornbore Village) was founded in 1997 and consists of a historically inspired visitor centre with reconstructed Viking houses as an attempt to recreate a smaller trading site from the Viking Age. Although a trading area has not been found here (yet), the geographic location is perfect for it, the water and a cemetery of the period nearby.

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The site has some reconstructed Viking dwellings which have been used for school groups and camps the year round – in Summer time, the village is open to tourists, although not daily. Here you can book a Summer holidays instead of just passing by one day only. Activities the staff is performing are for example working with leather and skin. In the wool workshop one can spin wool or outside one can shoot the longbow. In the smithy one can work with the blacksmith or make something yourself. Silver objects can be made as well and there is a complete Viking Age wood workshop where you can cut a spoon, try to make statuettes or otherwise. At the beach you’ll find some small Viking boats which anyone can use to make a tour with.

When the evening falls, people join around the open fire where the dinner is cooked and the day’s experiences are shared.

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