Kroma Kolna Bruoliste (LV)

Kroma Kolna is an association of historical activists and reconstructors working with the popularization and imitation of the events and the cultural environment of Latgale’s ancient history, mainly the 9th-13th century AD, before the arrival of Christianity. Latgale is the easternmost region of Latvia, north of the Daugava River. Kroma Kolns’ members study Latgale's ancient history and culture, organise living history events and demonstrations. They also produce jewellery and gadgets, fighting equipment and tools for everyday life of the Latgalians of that time. There are about 30 members from different regions of Latgale operating in the batch of Kroma Kolna.

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    Under the leadership of Aleksandra Lubāna, the Kroma Kolna bruoliste has begun work on the reconstruction of the Latgalian tribal wooden castle in Puši Zundas on the Prince Mountain in the Dagda district. It is the place where bruolsters meet at least once a month to share current information, both in terms of historical research and the activities that are being implemented and planned. Kroma Kolna is ranked among 45 Latvian tourism pearls and is included in the list of 99 private museums and collections.

    Each year, on the penultimate weekend of August, The annual Croma Column Party takes place, when all members, supporters and people of the community meet. During the festivities, the most active members of the society are honoured. Following special tests, new members are included in the association people.

    Kroma kolna bruoliste collaborates with partners such as:

    • The Ludza Craft Center , whose mission is to promote the preservation of the ancient Latgalian traditions of crafts and crafts, to raise its prestige in society and to offer local people and tourists to get to know the Latgalian way of life through crafts and artists' works;
    • The Association "Malny Vylki" (Aivars Uspelis, Vēsma Ušpele), which actualizes the process of creating traditional Latgale black ceramic works - from turning with a downward lathe to firing it in the technique of reverence. Aivars Ušpelis uses the knowledge of the ancestors in the making of black ceramic dishes. Vēsma Ušpele is a ceramist artist and artist;
    • Local locksmiths, blacksmiths and other craftspeople as well as local folklore groups, the Dagda district municipality and other local institutions.

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