Langobardenwerkstatt Zethlingen (DE)

In the early 1990s, following a private initiative, an outdoor experimental area was set up, supported by the Landkreis and the Landesamt, under guidance of Professor Rosemarie Leineweber.

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A couple of years later, focus changed to education of school groups instead of science and nowadays, no experiments in the strictest scientific sense take place anymore, although regular iron smelting events do take place. The workshop is part of the Johann Friedrich Danneil Museum.

The goal is “to live like the Langobards did about 2000 years ago, to watch and participate”. Museum education programmes with this theme are on offer. The inspiration for the buildings were individual excavations as well as general archaeological information. In the original planning, archaeologists were involved, but not anymore at present. The mix of education and regional identity works well here.


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