Laténium (CH)

The Laténium park & museum (“Parc et musée d’archéologie de Neuchâtel“) houses one of the most important archaeological collections of Switzerland and is named after the famous Iron Age era (6th – 5th century BC). It is the official cantonal archaeological museum and also houses the Neuchâtel cantonal archaeological department.

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In this area, many artefacts of this period have been unearthed or have emerged from the water. Unlike the nearby Village Lacustre, this museum is only partly depending on school children groups.

In the museum park (3 hectares) at the lake side, several dwellings and sites have been reconstructed, from Cro Magnon finds up to Neolithic lake dwelling houses and a Bronze Age site. Obviously, the Iron Age gets plenty of attention with a reconstructed burial tumulus. Archaeologists have been involved in constructing a Neolithic as well as a Roman boat.
The Laténium Museum offers a combined ticket with the nearby reconstructed Gletterens site.

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