Llynnon roundhouses (UK)

At Llynnon, funding was available to put disused woodland and coppice back into use. The idea came about to construct a Bronze Age / Early Iron Age area with two roundhouses which were eventually completed in 2007. As all the materials where sourced from this woodland it proved very successful.

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The project was started by Alun Gryffydd, Museum curator, who wanted to develop the facilities on a windmill site that was owned by the Museum and in need of developing. The Mill had four and a half acres next to it the community council where consulted and they decided to push the project forward. David Chapman of Ancient Arts was appointed to research, plan, design, and co project manage the build with the museum Cyd coed and the Community Council. Right now, it is a museum and education centre that provides facilities for locals and visitors to the area.
The basis for the reconstructions is taken as a general model of Iron Age houses looking at the archaeological evidence available. Ancient Arts has looked at information and site reports from several hundred sites and used general principles and practice to guide our reconstruction.
There is the plan to develop a series of experiments that will relate to early uses of woodland and burnt stone technologies.

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