Numancia (ES)

The archaeological site of Numancia is situated south of the village of Garray in the region of Castilla y Leon, Spain, and is one of the most known battle sites during the wars between Rome and the Celtiberians.

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The Iberian town lies underneath the Roman one that was re-built in the Augustus Era. Since 1994, the regional government of Castilla y Leon has begun enhancing the site through different actions among which some reconstructions (traits of the walls and some houses) and the involvement of many associations, school groups and university, as well as continuing the excavations and publishing their results.
The reconstructed Iberian-Roman house is used as an “archaeological hall” and was open in 1999. In the interior of the house, divided into two sections, the Roman and the Iberian way of living are illustrated through exhibits and objects. In the same year the re-enactment of some of the historical facts happened in Numancia started and year by year becomes more accurate and involving. During the special event “open doors” the public can visit the town brought alive by more than 100 persons in historical costumes performing daily actions from the past.


Mujer numantina tocando la bucina durante una reconstrucción y representación arqueológica en la ibérica ciudad soriana (foto tomada de la revista ARGI en su número dedicado a Numancia, agracediendo a su director -Javier Pérez Andrés-

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