Parque Arqueológico-Natural de la Campa Torres (ES)

The archaeological and natural Park of Campa-Torres is located 7 km from the town of Gijón in the west side of its bay in the region of Asturias, northern Spain. It was one of the first results of the project “archaeological parks” by the Ministry of Culture in 1989 and brings together high archaeological value and striking natural surroundings.

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The site was known since 1783 and was excavated intensively from the seventies. It was occupied from prehistory, but it was in the late Iron Age that a fortified village was built and after the conquest, slowly Romanized. The Celto-Iberian houses were rounded (5th century BC), while the later Roman houses (1st – 3rd century AD) were rectangular in shape. Both typical houses were reconstructed on site.
The park has transformed a previous bunker into the reception area and in the northern area there is a museum which displays a permanent exhibition on the history of the settlement from its origins to the Roman times. Finally, a lighthouse hosts a library and a documentation centre as well as the office for the coordination of all the archaeology of the Gijon region.


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