Qasrin Ancient Village (SY)

The Qasrin Ancient Village (Hebrew: קצרין העתיקה‎‎; also Katrzin, Kasrin, Qisrin) is an open-air museum located in the Golan Heights on the outskirts of Katzrin. It features the reconstructed remains of a Talmudic-era village.

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The Byzantine (4th – 8th century AD) village was built around a spring. Later Muslim occupation occurred in the Mamluk and modern periods. Although there were standing ruins on the site, archaeological excavations have increased the number of accessible ancient buildings.
Some of the buildings have been reconstructed on their ancient foundations and furnished with replicas of household goods and tools. An ancient wine press and olive press have also been made functional with new ropes and beams. Costumed guides demonstrate and explain construction methods, agricultural and manufacturing processes in Hebrew and English.

Text sources: Wikipedia & KILBREW, Ann (2004) Reflections on a Reconstruction of Ancient Qasrin Village. In: John J. Jameson (ed): The reconstructed past: reconstructions in the public interpretation of archaeology and history, Altamira Press, pp. 127-146.
Image: Staselnik - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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