Tervetes Koka Pils (LV)

The Tērvete archaeological complex includes four mounds, ruins of a castle, an ancient town and a medieval cemetery. Archaeological excavations were carried out in the 1950s and 60s.

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The name Tērvete was first mentioned in 13th century written sources. These sources say Tērvete was one of the most notable Semigallian political and economic centres.
The present castle reconstruction is carried out on the basis of archaeological material. It is located around 400 m from the primary mound. The highest point reaches 14 m. Construction has started of the second half: the northern slope, a protection structure and three residential buildings in the courtyard. The castle houses several exhibition rooms with archaeological jewellery, weapons and household, both original and imitations. The exhibition is dedicated to the Semigallian material culture of the Iron Age (1st - 14th century AD). The reconstructed castle is managed by the association Latviešu karavīrs ("Latvian Soldier"), which aims to explore, investigate and popularize Latvian history of different periods of time.

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