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Basic Basket Weaving Course

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Guided Tour

Course to learn how to make a basket with a broken bottom

Teacher: Sandro Milan
Ideal course for beginners

This basket, entirely woven with different varieties of willow, is also called a "broken bottom" since the structure of the bottom presents an interruption of continuity in the warp due to the interweaving of the walls. Eight pieces of willow (called "carriers") are used for the warp of the bottom, while sixteen uprights are inserted successively for the weaving of the walls (one for each end of the "carriers").

The course includes a first theoretical part on natural weaving materials and basket making.
The second part will be entirely hands-on and the participants will make a basket with a diameter of 20cm and a height of about 10cm.

Registration by January 20, 2023
Participation fee: € 90
What to bring: apron or towel
Packed lunch, on request it is possible to arrange a hot dish with the nearby restaurant