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EAD21 in the AMATEK Institute

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Virtual Event - Ancient Technologies in Modern Contexts


The demand for innovative solutions to present ecological problems is on a constant rise. Ancient technologies provide extensive, yet underutilized opportunities to help solve such problems.

In this 20 minute presentation five of these technologies will be illustrated based on modern applications in South America, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Africa, Japan and Kashmir. The technologies include ancient agriculture, water supply, and earthquake resistant housing.


Sunday 20 June -15:00 à 15:40 (3 pm - 3.40 pm)
Saturday19 June -15:00 à 15:40 (3 pm - 3.40 pm)
Friday18 June - 15:00 à 15:40 (3 pm - 3.40 pm)

Virtual Event - Ancient Clay Pot Irrigation: Save up to 70% Water in Your Vegetable Garden!


More than 100 scientific studies show that ancient Clay Pot Irrigation can save up to 70% of irrigation water. Clay Pot Irrigation became increasingly popular in community gardens around the world and has been applied in multiple development projects.

In this 20 minute presentation, the efficient and sustainable technology will be introduced and practical applications for your private vegetable garden will be shown.
Following the presentation, there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers and to talk to the archaeologist and founder of the Amatek Institute.


Sunday 20 June - 16:00 à 16:40 (4 pm - 4.40 pm)
Saturday19 June - 16:00 à 16:40 (4 pm - 4.40 pm)
Friday 18 June - 16:00 à 16:40 (4 pm - 4.40 pm)