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Early Medieval Easter Market

For Professionals
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the Netherlands

For our Early Medieval Easter market on Erve Eme we are looking for medieval traders, artisans and re-enactors. We focus on the time period from 500 to 900 AD. We call in particular groups / people who specifically focus on the Frieze, Saxon and / or Frankish culture in the period mentioned.
The Easter market is open for the public from Saturday 20 to Monday 22 April 2019. Last year we had 60 participants and more than 1500 visitors. Traders in 2018 were very satisfied with their turnover, before 2019 we will go even further with a beautiful fight show, music, storytellers and delicious food and drinks! In 2019 we can house about 80 participants, there is limited space for large tents and sales stands so be on time!

We now call on traders and artisans in particular to participate. Because we have limited space, there is a possibility we have to make a selection.

In addition, we are strict but fair in terms of the correctness / authenticity of clothing, shoes, use of materials and merchandise; no modern business, no LARP and no fantasy for our participants at our market.

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