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Flint Knapping Workshop

United Kingdom

Discover how our human forebears made highly effective tools using stone and skill, with flint knapper and author Bob Turner. Learn to understand flint as a material, and how to knap and work it to create your own functional tools. The course provides a brief overview of the tools of Heidelbergensis, 500,000 years ago, through Neanderthal and earliest Homo Sapiens. Bob is an associate tutor at Sussex University archaeology department and has been flint knapping for many years, running courses at Sussex University, Chichester College, Brinsbury College, the National Trust, English Heritage and Amberley Open Air Museum. This workshop features direct instruction on a one-to-one basis, and also contains demonstrations on  percussion knapping and pressure flaking. Flint knapping can be done by anybody, so come and try to replicate your ultimate heritage!

Booking required £75