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Forging a Knife Course

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Forging a Knife

Course objective: Production of a knife blade made of steel.

Course content: The basics of forging various types of knives and historical backgrounds are taught. Each participant then forges his or her personal knife blade, which is then hardened after shaping. If the handle is to be wrapped in leather, material is available.

Historical background: Since the Iron Age (approx. 800 BC), the smithies of the Hallstatt period have dominated the technology of iron extraction and processing. The Celts (from approx. 400 BC) were known for the high quality 'Ferrum Noricum', a steel from which i.a. Knives were produced that were also very popular with the Romans.

Instructor: Lukas J. Kerbler, MA
Course time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course costs: 130 euros
Material contribution: 25 euros