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Fur-on tanning workshop

Organised by
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
the Netherlands

A 2 day workshop where you will learn to turn a raw fox skin into a beautiful piece of fur! 
We will discuss and show techniques such as:

- Defleshing
- Dressing
- Smoking
- Softening

We will use brains as tanning material.

Workshop Info:

Date:                  20 - 21 October 2018
Duration:           2 days
Arrival:               Friday evening 19 October

Location:           Megalithic Builders Center Borger (Drenthe, the Netherlands)

Max spots:        11
For:                    Beginners and advanced
Tutor:                 Dr. Theresa Kamper

Price:                 € 269,- (Incl. 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch and 1 x diner + 2 nights)

This workshop will be taught in English and is part of the ancient weekend of the megalithic builders center

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