Individual Members

Lucia Ros

Member of EXARC since
the Netherlands

Hello! My name is Lucia.
I am a woman with wide interests and experience, and always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities!

A true passion of mine started back in 2010 when I started my employment at museumpark Archeon.
I always loved history, and lucky for me they placed me in the prehistoric section. My love for prehistory grew massively and in the years after I learned many crafting skills, updated my people skills, attended conferences and visited different parks all over the world.

I started to have ideas about starting my own prehistoric company. I dreamed about combining education and living history and in 2016 a lot of my ideas became more solid. I left my job after 6 years, shared my ideas with Liza van Rijn and started to work on our new project: Prehistory Alive Worldwide!

Prehistory Alive Worldwide

With my work as living history interprenter I can bring education about prehistory to the bigger public in a fun way. I go to schools, events, museums, festivals and organise workshops where people can learn about- and try out crafts our ancestors used to survive.
The timeline I show varies from paleolithic (old stone age) until iron age.


I have a background in theatre as well. Since 2003 I have learned, performed, teached, gave workshops and directed a lot.
My prehistoric knowledge and acting experiences make it easy for me to make prehistory lively and fun for the bigger public.

Gladiatrice/Show fighting

In my first two years of Archeon, I fought in the arena as a gladiatrice (female gladiator). My fellow women fighters and I started a group and did some shows on different locations in The Netherlands. Unfortunately we split up, but my love for fighting stayed. Now I still fight with my dear friend from England, (from the group Legio Secunda Augusta) every year on different occations. We even stood in many (real ancient!!) amphitheaters!

A few skills

In the last couple of years I have learned and practiced a lot of (unusual) skills about the daily existence of mankind.
I learned skills such as:
- Skinning and tanning animal (skins)
- Making fire (fire bow, flint and iron, marcasite and flint)
- Using plant fibres to make hats, bags, clothing and so on
- Flint knapping
- Prehistoric cooking
- Spinning wool and linen
- Weaving/ working with textiles
- Needle binding
- Baking pottery
- Plant knowledge
- Bronze casting
- Basket weaving
- And other stuff