Lasse van den Dikkenberg

Member of EXARC since
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lasses [at]
the Netherlands

When I was 12 I joined the Dutch Youth Association for History. Here I became involved with the Workgroup for Experimental Archaeology (WEA). Now I am the chairman of the Dutch Youth Association for History and my aim is to teach children and young adults about experimental archaeology and archaeology. The organization is completely run by young enthusiastic volunteers who like to share their knowledge with other young people. The Workgroup for Experimental Archaeology has a lot of contact with open-air museums (such as the Eindhoven Museum) where we often help as volunteers in building reconstructions and entertaining the public. We are a Dutch association but in the summer we often organize trips abroad where we help in open-air museums as volunteers. With the Workgroup I have for example been to Lejre (DK), Butser Ancient Farm (GB) and AFM Oerlinghausen (DE). We learn a lot from our experiences with these different museums and we are happy to share our experience with new people we meet. In 2010 I have taken part in a “living experiment” which is published here on the EXARC website. More information on the Dutch Youth Association for History and about the Workgroup Experimental Archaeology can be found on our website.

Besides my activities with the Dutch Youth Association for History I am an archaeology student in Leiden and I have been member of the committee that organised the ancient crafts market as part of the opening of our new faculty building in September 2014.