Edwin Stewart Deady

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aeduin [at] aol.com
United Kingdom
Crafts & Skills

Started experiments with the construction of coracles and other boats about twenty years ago. For last five years have been presenting Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman lifestyles. Investigating various techniques used in those times such as hunting, cordage and food preparation. Long-term project, an examination of the Roos Carr boat model and a possible reconstruction of a version that is to be paddled.
Experiments using natural cordage to sew boat planks.
Currently making copper alloy shields to look at possible Bronze Age fighting styles along with intense martial art practice with appropriate weaponry. Planned project is a prehistoric reconstruction of a house in our own woodland. Early successful project was the reconstruction of a Bronze Age Kayak based on evidence from an excavation of a grave at Barns Farm, Dalgety, Fife, Scotland.
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