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Courtney John Lawrence

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I am an academic archaeologist who regularly flintknaps and practices experimental archaeology. Currently, I am a Master's student at UNBC who is almost done my program. I have close to a decade of experience analyzing stone and faunal tools. For experimental archaeology, I have close to 3 years of experience working and using stone, and some experience altering and using wood and antler. Additionally, I am also a co-author on an experimental archaeology project which will be finished this year. With all my projects, whether archaeology or experimental archaeology-based, I try to implement an ethical framework which acknowledges my positionality as an archaeologist of settler descendancy and the impact on others my work may have if I am not careful. In the future, I aim to improve my skills working with the listed materials, in addition to becoming excellent with working and using bone and metal materials. I also hope to be involved in more collaborative archaeology and experimental archaeology projects in the future, with the additional goal of eventually pursuing a PhD.