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Paloma Vidal Matutano

Member of EXARC since

I am an archaeobotanist specialised in the anatomical identification of archaeological wood from Palaeolithic (Europe) and prehispanic archaeological contexts (Canary Islands). Since 2017 I have opened a new research line in the Canary Island studying wooden artefacts produced by aboriginal groups from a technological perspective. I have recently developed a project funded by the European Commission focused on this issue ("Exploring Prehispanic woodworking technologies in the isolated context of the Canary Islands: Innovative and adaptive responses, WoodTRACES 2021-2022), coordinating an experimental programme to advance our knowledge regarding the technical processes involved in woodworking activities during the prehispanic period (2nd-15th century AD) in the Canary Islands. This research line is currently continuing in the framework of new projects recently awarded.

In addition, I am also investigating the technical processes involved in prehispanic basketry and cordage by studying the archaeological remains of this plant-based craft in the Canary Islands.