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Andrea Neuser

Member of EXARC since

I have been involved in experimental archaeology and reenactment since 2007. Initially still in the early Middle Ages, I quickly slipped and ended up in the Iron Age and Bronze Age. I was impressed by the Bronze Age string skirts that I am reconstructing. Some of the works are also exhibited in museums - I am very honoured by that. My main work is trying to reconstruct Iron Age and Bronze Age clothing from finds. The wool is hand-spun and woven by me. I do this on modern looms as well as on circular looms or warp-weighted looms.
At our museum events we are accompanied by many replicas of the Nordic Bronze Age and a small music archaeology exhibition that is constantly growing.
In 2021 I was able to complete a 2-month internship in Sweden at the Bredarör - Kivik Grave Museum. It taught me a lot and shaped me. I also built a glass bead oven made of clay, but based on a Roman find, and it is now included as a small, compact one. I learned to turn glass beads in 2022 and am still practicing hard.
Since December 2022 I have been able to work as a freelance museum educator in the archaeological museum in the Rhön.
Is there anything more beautiful!