Individual Members

Javier Cámara Manzaneda

Member of EXARC since

As an archaeologist and researcher, I am interested in understanding and explaining the technical traditions, human interactions and the socio-economic structure of prehistoric societies through the study of ceramic technology.
During the last years, I focused my Ph.D. research on the reconstruction of pottery forming practices from diverse Neolithic and Bronze Age contexts of the Iberian Peninsula (Lab. ARCHAEOM, Dept. Prehistory, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Currently, as a postdoctoral researcher, I continue to work on the study and dissemination of the prehistoric ceramic technology in cooperation with several institutions and ongoing projects from Spain, France and Italy.
My training in experimental archaeology is based on the reproduction of ancient ceramic technologies documented through archaeological research. I have participated in experimental archaeology seminars organised by the ARCHAEOM Laboratory (SeCeP Seminars) as well as by the University of Zaragoza and the Caspe Townhall (Caspe Experimental Archaeological Courses). Recently, I have coordinated the artesania.PAST project (FCRI Joan Oró funding) which aims to transfer research on prehistoric ceramic traditions to society using ceramic replicas and audiovisuals.
Apart from my research career, I have organised and coordinated guided visits, exhibitions and workshops as an active member of a local association and in co-operation with other institutions (IPHES-CERCA, UAB & local museums) to promote the public dissemination of local history and archaeological research.