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Jens Schabacker

Member of EXARC since

My historical focus is on the early Middle Ages and I volunteer at the Lauresham Open Air Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology at the Lorsch Abbey World Heritage Site.
I am a biologist with additional training in pharmaceutical biology and toxicology, so my professional focus is on chemicals and their effects on organisms. However, I am always looking for links between my biological background and my historical interests.

Thus, as a toxicologist, I am particularly interested in the living conditions (e.g. wood smoke) in the medieval houses reconstructed at Lauresham. I am also interested in early medieval agriculture and its impact on animals in the agricultural landscape, as I work as a wildlife toxicologist in the field of agricultural plant protection. Medieval monastic medicine can always pique my curiosity, as I studied phytomedicine and plant secondary metabolites during my PhD. Medieval fishing and historical fishing techniques are also of great fascination to me, as I hold a fishing licence and have a deep interest in aquatic ecosystems. In these areas, my education and professional work can be optimally combined with my interest in history.

As making music is one of my greatest hobbies, I occasionally carve a bone flute or play home-made reconstructions of a lyre or a Carolingian cythara (citole).