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Guided Excursion by Logboat

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Guided Tour

Uniquely in northern Germany, you can experience an excursion in a prehistoric watercraft, the dugout canoe. The certified nature and landscape guide Andrea Menzel takes you into the colourful diversity of the floodplain landscape. Equipped with binoculars, life vests and paddles, the excursion participants glide silently over Hitzacker Lake. A forked reindeer is majestically circling, stork Adebar is back from its long way out of Africa and beavers are busy building their castle. In the biosphere reserve "Niedersächsische Elbtalaue" there are many animals to observe.

Costs: adults 27,50 €; children 20,00 €, Minimum sum 75,00 € (incl. entrance to the open-air museum)
Registration deadline: 16 May at the Archaeological Centre Hitzacker 

Also possible on other dates!