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Heksia 2023 - the Magical World of Witches and Pagans

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
the Netherlands

Witchcraft lives! During Mabon, on September 23 & 24, come to Heksia in the preHistorisch Dorp. Immerse yourself in the magical world of witches and pagans with workshops, stalls, live music, lectures, demonstrations, dance, crafts and much more… there is room for a maximum of 1,650 visitors per day, so gone = gone! Ticket sales have already started.


For several years in a row, our intimate Heksia festival has been a source of energy for everyone who feels connected to the rituals of the past and for everyone who is simply curious about the magical world of witches and pagans. Let yourself be transported to this magical world again this year. In the weekend of September 23 & 24, you can expect a lot during a versatile festival full of magic.

What do you want to experience? Meet different craftsmen, traders and special witches. View historic crafts in the ancient homesteads and farms and browse unique witch objects such as herbs, paintings, books and more. Attention is paid to old and new witches, real witches and witches from the world of literature and film. 

Are you in? There is plenty to do during Heksia. From a prehistoric ritual in the forest to dance workshops. Take a rest during passionate lectures by modern witches or sway along to the atmospheric music through the museum. Moro Music, for example, plays Scandinavian folk and medieval ballads to dream away with. You can also participate in an interactive historical theater yourself or dance with the ladies of Deosil Scylla. Follow our  Facebook page  for the program and make sure you don't miss your favorite acts! 

At Heksia there are various enchanting exhibitors with their wares to introduce you to the world of witchcraft. Stroll along the stands and score real witch gadgets. There are several stalls where you can get your filled bottles, smudges or spice mixes. For wands, scepters and staffs, go to Healingwand. At SB Designs Creations you will find magical products from our own designs. Did you know that there is even a magazine for witches? HX Magazine is the place to be for a sober look at a magical life! Of course you will also find beautiful clothing at Heksia. Finally, complete your altar at home with house protectors from our nicest exhibitors.

You will also find many other magical products. From art and altar cloths to spices, bags and spiritual items, The Witches' Market at Heksia is set to enchant aficionados and newcomers to the world of witchcraft alike.