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Kabyleada - 9 th Historical festival in Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle

Organized by: Regional historical museum in Yambol; Cohors II Lucensium

For the ninth year the archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” will be hosting the International historical festival. This year the motto of the events is “Kabyleada”. The audience will see a reconstruction of the ancient Olympic Games – running, jumping, disc throwing, spear throwing and boxing. The Roman sport game Harpastum will also be presented.

In the ninth edition of the Festival different clubs and organizations for historical re-enactment will participate. They will present the daily life, fashion and military equipment of ancient Romans, Thracians, Dacians, Goths and Bulgarians. The visitors of the Festival will see the reconstruction of Roman, Thracian and early Christian rituals, demonstration of ancient
and medieval fashion, a Roman slave market, attractive gladiator battles and military clashes. The ruins of the Antique town are a natural decor and will permit visitors to return back to past historical epochs.

Visitors of the Festival will have the opportunity for archery, playing different games, tasting ancient and medieval foods and drinks.

The International historical festival in the archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” has gained recognition as one the biggest forums for historical re-enacting in Bulgaria.