Thracian and Ancient Town Kabyle (BG)

Archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” present one of the most important towns from the Hellenistic and Roman period in Thrace. The first settlement appeared in 2nd mil. BC and gradually become one of the significant towns in Thrace world...

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First archaeological test excavations in Kabyle begun in 1912. From 1972 began regular archaeological excavations. The ancient town is one of the compulsory archaeological practices of students from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Regular archaeological excavations shows that the first settlement here appeared near the Thracian sanctuary of Kybela-Artemis at the end of the 2nd millennium BC. In the beginning of the 3rd century BC, during the reign of Spartok and Scostoc, Kabyle was the capital of Thracian kingdom. In the middle of 3rd century the royal institution was replaced by urban management. During the 3rd – 2nd century BC Kabyle is the only town in inner Thrace with its own coinage. During the 4th – 1st century BC Kabyle realised intensive trade connections with whole Again world. Kabyle was captured during the campaign of Roman general Marcus Lukulus in 72 BC. From the 2nd century AD the town becomes one of the most important Roman military camps in the province Thrace. After the adoption of Christianity in 313 Kabile becomes a bishop’s seat. At the end of the 6th century Kabyle was destroyed by the Avars. During the 11th – 14th century there was a small medieval settlement.

Visitors of the archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” can see remains from two Roman baths, Roman barracks, fortress walls, daily-life buildings and two basilicas from the Early Christian period. In 1986 a museum building was opened with an exhibition presenting some of the best archaeological finds. The exhibition shows the life in the Yambol region from the Neolithic up to the Medieval period (14 century). In 2014 a reconstruction of a Roman military castrum was built – our new base for regular antic festivals organised by the museum. The archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” is part of the Regional Historical Museum in Yambol.

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