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Late Medieval Art

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The Middle Ages are often portrayed as dark and obscure, but if you look at medieval art, you experience a wealth of colors, figures and patterns that stand in stark contrast to modern prejudice. The Middle Ages were full of colors and art flourished. Strong colors and even gold leaf were used to bring out the right effects in the art. 

Not everyone could write in the Middle Ages, and if you wanted to have a document or letter written, you could go to the writer in the city, dictate to him and thereby have your letter written.  

During the week, it is possible to be allowed to try your hand at medieval writing with pen and ink - and Gothic letters.

Our voluntary painting guild, Sankt Lukas Gildet, has invited a group of their foreign artist colleagues to come to Sundkøbing and showcase their skills. 

The Saint Luke Guild specializes in recreating late medieval art, and they possess an incredible knowledge of how the medieval artists worked. They can explain the process from the pigments are painted until the finished painting is ready.

You can hear about pigments, about quill pens, about ink, painting techniques and get a unique insight into medieval painting, when the Medieval Center and the St. Luke's Guild invite you inside for a week of art.