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Lecture: the Romans brought Colour to the Home

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Förderverein Römischer Vicus Eisenberg (Pfalz) e.V.
Stadt Eisenberg
Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz – Direktion Landesarchäologie Außenstelle Speyer

Lecture by Dr. Ulrich Karl

The Roman Vicus in Eisenberg began, according to the current state of research, shortly before the turning point and existed well into the 5th century AD. Quickly, the settlement developed from the first timber-framed houses into a sprawling stone town. The rapid development and prosperity of the settlement is justified by the extensive iron production. The lecture deals with the till now unpublished finds of remnants of painted plaster in the Roman Vicus of Eisenberg, explains the then customary fresco technique for wall painting and uses other, completely preserved examples, such as the palace villa of Bad Kreuznach, to see what the intact murals could have looked like. The pigments used in the production of the colors are explained and it is discussed to what extent their use can give indications of the use of materials imported locally or from regions far away in the Imperium Romanum.

The lecture (in German) starts at 19:00h in the meeting room of the town hall of Eisenberg.