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With Shield and Epee

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Weapons and fighting techniques in the course of time

The discovery of weapons is an inherent part of archeological material. Most of these artifacts were more than just simple tools for hunting or impressive status symbols – they were actually used for disputes. This fact is proved by injuries on skeletal remains, strain patterns on weapons and through historical sources. Within the framework of this one-day show we immerse ourselves into the world of shield, sword and lance. Three short presentations will be held to explain replicas of weapons and fighting techniques from different periods.

10.30 h – Germanic tribes and Romans
12.30 h – Slavs and Vikings
14.30 h – Thirty Years’ War

The presentations will last 20 minutes and will be located in the picturesque monastery garden. In case of bad weather the presentations will be placed indoors.

These performances will be held by following the safety guidelines of the Covid-19-pandemic. We would like to ask you to wear a face mask. The number of the audience is limited to 20. Reservations are therefore recommended.

For reservations please send an email to:

We’d like to ask you for your name, contact details and also the presentations you would like to visit. All the data will be handled confidently and will also be deleted after four weeks. The presentations are included to the regular entrance fee.

20.09.2020 – 10.30 h until 15.00 h / State Museum of Archaeology