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From Sound Stone to Bagpipe

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Demonstration and performance, 18.-19.07.2020, 10-17 o´clock

Ancient instruments hold a fascination for many people.
Therefore we offer the chance to get in touch with shawn, flute, bagpipe and jaw harp. All weekend long a number of medieval instruments will be played and explained by an archaeologist and musician. 

And we go even further back in time: Bull roarers, clay rattles and bronze pendants lead us into the world of prehistoric sounds. Our museum educator will prove that even flint stones, animal bones and hazelnuts can be used to create rythm and sound.

The demonstration is included in the entrance fee. Please play attention to the current COVID-19 safety rules such as keeping 1,50 m distance to each other, disinfecting your hands and do not touch the instruments and artefacts displayed.

Join in for some good tunes and nice vibes.