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Workshop: The Riddle of the Ehrenstein Disc

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The Neolithic settlement Ehrenstein in Blaustein is the northernmost site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Prehistoric Stilt Dwellings around the Alps.

Over 200 ornate limestone discs with two holes in the middle were found in the settlement, but nowhere else. They were made in the village. But they weren't buttons, as the signs of use of the discs decorated on the edge clearly show. Did they serve as a belt or bag fastener?

In this workshop, led by the archaeologist Hannes Wiedmann, everyone produces an Ehrenstein disc with Neolithic tools and technology from a limestone slab. It is polished and the edge is decorated with birch pitch. In addition, the participants learn more about life 6000 years ago in the Blue Valley.

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. with a 1 hour break in between
60 euros / participant