Individual Members

Caroline Jeffra MA PhD

Member of EXARC since
the Netherlands

I'm an archaeologist and game developer, and founded Immersive Heritage to create games and visualizations that can bring heritage research and results to a diverse audience. My experiences with experimental archaeology, academic archaeology in the Mediterranean, and contract archaeology in the eastern U.S. have given me a broad foundation in archaeological practice and interpretation.

My first experience with archaeology during my BA was within the living history archaeological open-air museum at Historic St. Mary’s City, and my lifelong engagement with crafts brought me to experimental archaeology in 2005 for an MA in Experimental Archaeology at the University of Exeter (UK). I completed the MA with Distinction and continued to complete a PhD (Exeter, 2011) using experimental archaeology as a major component of my thesis. Since that time, I have completed courses in game design and development, as well as a number of programming languages for software development.

Photo by: Anneke Dekker